Jimbo wimbo for ADMIN 2013

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Jimbo wimbo for ADMIN 2013

Post  jimbo wimbo on Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:50 am

BYOND Key: Jimbo wimbo

Nationality/Timezone:United states, Eastern standard time

Languages spoken:English and some spanish

Authority level desired: be able to interfere in games, ban ability, and forum moderator.

Reasons for seeking admin, if any: I like this new server i think its just dandy. I dont see myself as a bad player and i want to bring some justice to the otherwise lawless station. Every round starts out as a gunfight between all of the marines because there is no admins to stop the chaos and i just want the douchebaggery to end. I am fair and would get the job done. I can also keep my emotions under check. I think being an admin is the ultimate fun and at the same time the ultimate responsibility. If im made an admin you will not regret it. Also i was a beta tester for rules on the server when started. Even straykitty said i was. So i am accustom to testing ans using new stuff. You will not regret my adminnning.

Previous admin experience: None at the moment but i will have some when im hired.

Additional notes: Great guy for the admin position and will help the server expand. JIMBO WIMBO FOR ADMIN 2013

jimbo wimbo

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