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Keyers Application

Post  keyers on Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:30 am

BYOND Key:keyers

English/ GMT-0
Languages spoken:
Authority level desired:
Reasons for seeking admin, if any:
To help moderate the server and keep trouble to a low. So everyone else can have an enjoyable experience.
Previous admin experience:
I have been a admin for Jail Server on Garry's mod for 2 years our admin tools we used for that where ULX. I used to help moderate this website (gamehunters)
reference contacts for my Adminship on Garrys and the website can be found here: Cragite ||GH|| and Donald (steam names)
I hope can be help to people in this group and on the server. Hopefully together we can keep the server clean and clear of any trouble (but there always be something eh? ;p).


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