Kingjpthe2nd Application

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Kingjpthe2nd Application

Post  Kingjpthe5th on Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:50 am

Byond Key:Kingjpthe2nd
Nationality/Timezone:USA,eastern standerd time
Langauage Spoken:English,Spanish as a second language
Authority Level Desired:Just enough to be able to ban.
Reasons for Seeking Admin,if any:I want to help with the servers lag of admins as to many people have problems to be dealt with but not enough admins,i just want to be able to help with that and i want to have the server succeed,with 70+ people. I only desire a rankof mod or just my only purpose is to solve conflicts and greiferes on the server.At some points there are no admins on and all hell breaks loose,and i can assure you i will be online for hours a day.(i love the game)
Previos Admin Experince:None sadley.
Additional Notes:Stray i know i have send that the server sucked and it would get no where but i had second thougts and i was wrong,you keep doing what your doing.



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Re: Kingjpthe2nd Application

Post  TheRedScare on Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:26 pm

I have seen you on quite alot and you tend to be a very good player, you actively adminhelp any issues in regards to you being griefed and you accidentally messing up in terms of friendly fire, a plus side is that you always make them detailed not just "Ban this cuntcan he shot me!!!!!1111" I would recommend your application!



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