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Post  Shadowling1232 on Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:30 am

BYOND Key:Shadowling1232/StrayPuppy <---I had made that name for a joke..

Nationality/Timezone:Asian---Live in L.V,Nevada Soo Central I think

Languages spoken:English

Authority level desired:Moderator/Admin <--Either works

Reasons for seeking admin, if any:Well, At night around 10 P.M -7 A.M There basically are no admins on so we have alot of griff, IC in OOC,And maaany more ways to ruin the round..So basically I wanna become a Mod/Admin to keep watch at night to try to minimize the amout of grief.

Previous admin experience:I was an admin on Black Banner, I did host my own server at some point Z-station13

Additional notes: The players on Xeno-station do like me a quite a bit I actually keep track of all griefers and Ic in OOC people...I dont sign up as a high ranking job just for the stuff and not do anything to help the people waiting in line at the dropship....I dont suicide instantly at start of round either..


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