Marine System

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Marine System

Post  keyers on Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:45 pm

It would e a think good way to keep the marines organised and hopeful encourage teamwork.

Here's an example for what i mean:
Before the equipping the marines, It may may a good idea to have the commander take the two squad leaders and Brief them. Whilst they're doing the brief the Quarter masters can get to work on APCs.(during this the time the marines can be lining up at QM station)Once those two tasks are done Quarter masters will get ready at their stations. The squad leaders will then go to the briefing room then brief their squads on their the mission.
Examples for Briefing:
When we on the other side of those airlocks I want arrivals lockeddown, Weld all doors and vents.
Once Arrivals secured (or not your choice if you want to secure it or not). Proceed to the armory/EVA/Medbay and bring back and supplies to the dropship/arrivals.
Just a few examples there are more but im fairly sure you work some out for yourself.

If you wish for none of those, Squad leaders must have their radios on them as well as the alien tracker. Marine Commander can then help home in the marines to the target xenos. Then marines can then proceed to hunt down the Xenos and their Queen.

So I think adding some structure/System to the marines would be good idea, not necessarily a physical feature. It help teamwork as well as communication.
Well I hope people like my suggestion and idea. I'm welcome to criticism as well and if need adjust this accordingly.



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