Aliens opinions (contains spoilers)

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Aliens opinions (contains spoilers)

Post  keyers on Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:57 pm

Did anyone actually enjoy those movies?
I personally quite disliked them, They weren't scary nor did they have much action besides maybe 2 and 4. For Prometheus however I did quite enjoy that movie all though for a lot of the movie i didn't see much reference to the aliens. Only bits that did some related are the Engineers space cannon/gun thing and the Queen right at the end. I don't even see how that engineer and weird tentacle monster formed a Queen. The tentacle monster didn't see to have anything related to queen besides the mouth maybe? Also the Queen didn't seem to have the same build as the engineer. The only thing the Queen seemed to share with him was his boldness and maybe humanoid form.

Anyways i think that maybe turned into a bit of a rant and I apologize for that.

So I like to hear your opinions on the movie as well or maybe enlighten me a bit more about Prometheus.


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